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Academic life at Vanderbilt Summer Academy encourages gifted and advanced learners to think like scholars in a fast-paced, challenging, and highly collaborative environment. With six hours a day devoted to one academic course, students are encouraged to think critically and to come to a better understanding of just how far their minds can take them.


At Programs for Talented Youth, we seek Vanderbilt scholars to design and teach courses in their areas of expertise. The vast majority of our classes are taught by Vanderbilt professors and Ph.D. students, which means our students are delving into academic fields not often presented until college.


There are no grades or homework at VSA. While our instructors will provide detailed written feedback for the student once the session ends, academic success is not measured in numbers. Success at VSA is about facing new and exciting challenges, creative problem solving, and taking intellectual risks.

Check out our FAQ page for more information about academic life at Vanderbilt Summer Academy.