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Mentor Immersion: A Virtual Research Experience at PTY

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PTY’s mentorship program is a unique experience offering in-depth exposure in a field and the potential for independent research or a culminating product to be created with expert feedback from a content expert/mentor.

This virtual program includes the following program options and opportunities:

Students apply for a mentorship placement based on the descriptions provided on the program page. If paired with a mentor in the field, students will participate in meetings with their mentor and approximately 8-10 other students in the same mentorship experience. Each week students will learn more about the content area of their mentor and explore real world topics about how to be successful in the field of study. The experiences and conversations early in the experience will lay the foundation for each student to complete a project, under the guidance of their mentor, later in the experience. Mentor Immersion products are in-depth experiences that resemble the work of those in the field while Mini Immersion projects offer students an introduction to the types of experiences common to the field. Mentor Immersion participants will present their completed projects to their mentor and other Vanderbilt faculty and staff while Rising Expert: Mini Immersion students showcase their projects during a virtual open house for parents.

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