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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 3 – Data Discoverers

Posted by on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 in blog, SAVY, Uncategorized.

Day 3:  If I had to survey our class, I think they would say this has been their favorite day so far! From a biomedical informatics guest speaker to receiving medals to surveying over 70 SAVY students to researching about the Olympics, it was a great day!  

Our objectives in the morning focused on making bar graphs, writing surveys, and conducting independent descriptive research studies. We also had Dr. Allison McCoy from Vanderbilt come and talk to us about how she analyzes data and uses research in biomedical informatics!  

In the morning, students revisited bar graphs. To prove their fluency with this type of graph, each group created a recipe card for making a bar graph. They “tested” their recipes by creating a graph for a survey question. We also played Graph Grab Bag! Each student chose a different survey question to graph, only this time they could not put any labels on the graph. Afterward, students were given a survey question and had to use deductive reasoning to figure out which graph matched a friend’s question. Once students mastered graphs, they were ready for their SAVYwide Survey Project! Students were tasked to ask a question and create a survey that would enrich students’ SAVY experience! They brainstormed ways SAVY could be improved and then voted on their favorite idea as a class. The majority wanted to survey students about adding more sessions. Our question was, “Should SAVY provide different SAVY sessions?” To answer this question, students came up with five questions to ask. 

 1. Would you like different camp options at SAVY? Yes or No 

 2. Did you get into the camps you wanted this summer? Yes or No 

     2A. What camps did you not get into? 

 3. Do you think there should be less learning or more learning during your camp? Less Learning or More Learning 

 4. Which camp option would you like? 

          A. Sports      B. Swimming      C. Chess           D.Toy-making 

 5. If you pick sports, which sports? 

     5A. What other SAVY camps would you like to be added? 


We were able to survey 6 classes and over 70 students! Students will analyze the data and draw conclusions tomorrow!  

In the afternoon, students learned about historical research. To kick off our Olympic research, each student received a medal that they were able to take home! We also played Olympic Scattegories, which even challenged my Olympic knowledge, so their medals were well deserved! Students worked in the computer lab most of the afternoon answering research questions about the Olympics. We will continue researching tomorrow! Have your child think about what he or she wants to learn more about tomorrow for their independent historical research project! 

Ms. Waight