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Summer SAVY Session 1, Day 3 – The Makings of America

Jun. 14, 2023—Day 3: Today in the Makings of America: Rebellion, Revolt, and Resolution, we began by reviewing six key Revolutionary battles in the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. The students created the posters to explain their battles to the rest of their classmates. We also shared our perspectives from yesterday on the Boston Tea Party....

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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 3 – Data Discoverers

Jun. 14, 2023—Day 3:  If I had to survey our class, I think they would say this has been their favorite day so far! From a biomedical informatics guest speaker to receiving medals to surveying over 70 SAVY students to researching about the Olympics, it was a great day!   Our objectives in the morning focused on...

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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 3 – Dabbling with DNA

Jun. 14, 2023—Day 3:  Wednesday was dedicated to learning about the process of evolution.  We started by taking the students outside, asking them to make observations of different organisms, and describing a particular characteristic (trait) that is beneficial (adaptive) for that organism.  Examples include the fur of squirrels and dogs, bird and insect wings, that many trees...

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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 3 – Agricultural Engineering

Jun. 14, 2023—Day 3:  The SAVY students were beyond creative today! Each student was tasked to create a different part of a flower based on their label and collaborate to piece it together in the correct order. We used this opportunity to discuss the scale and size, functions, and placements of each part.  We compared the Engineering...

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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 3 – Creative Contraptions (Dunbar)

Jun. 14, 2023—Day 3: Today we took a deeper dive into simple machines and everyday examples as well as how they are used. Learning about common characteristics and motivations of inventors and the process of invention was also presented and discussed. Then we examined complex machines and how they can form a system. They explored how to...

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