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Summer SAVY, Session 1, Encounters with Measurement (1st – 2nd)

Posted by on Monday, June 10, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Hello SAVY Families, 

We had an amazing first day of SAVY Session One: Encounters with Measurement. The SAVY mathematicians blew me away with their intelligence, curiosity, and dedication to the study of mathematics. We started the day by positioning ourselves as mathematicians and discussing the responsibilities that each of us would have as a member of our mathematical community. We all pledged to ask and answer questions without being afraid, to be open to new ideas, and to be respectful, kind, and safe to our peers.  

To start our course content, we had to build some knowledge about the legend of the Yeti. Our course is based on using measurement to learn more about this mysterious creature. Through drawings, videos, books, and discussions, students are now able to articulate the legend of the Yeti.  

The next question we had to answer was, “How does the legend of the Yeti have anything to do with the study of mathematics?” First, we practiced measuring in both metric and standard units. Mathematicians learned the difference and the importance of using these units to measure accurately. Accuracy was a key understanding today and will remain so throughout the course. Mathematicians practiced their measuring skills by accurately measuring items in our classroom and checking for accuracy by comparing these measurements with the measurements their peers got. Next, mathematicians discussed tools and strategies for measuring themselves. First, mathematicians estimated the length of each of their body parts. Next, they found the actual measurement. Finally, they found the difference between the two. I encouraged our mathematicians to repeat this process at home with their parents or siblings to practice their measuring skills.  

After lunch, we read an additional legend of the Yeti and identified how math and measurement play a big part in the study of this creature. Mathematicians noted that the length of a footprint left behind by a Yeti was two unsharpened pencil lengths long. Mathematicians used their benchmark body part measurement to get a start on our final project for the week. At the end of our week, we will use butcher paper to create our own life-sized Yeti based on our body part measurements. These measurements will be checked throughout the week for accuracy before the mathematicians begin to construct their Yeti on Friday. We wrapped up our day with a closing circle, ensuring that all mathematicians made connections to class concepts, mathematical vocabulary, and one another.  

Questions to ask your mathematician:  

  • In your own words, what is the legend of the Yeti? Why is this legend so famous?  
  • What is a mathematician? How do mathematicians behave and work?  
  • What is measurement? How do accuracy and estimation apply to measurement?  
  • How does the study of math relate to the study of the Yeti?  

I look forward to working with the mathematicians to study more about the Yeti tomorrow! Have a great night! 


Miss Gruchot