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Spring Saturday SAVY, Week 3, The Science of Senses (Whiting)(3rd-4th)

Posted by on Monday, February 12, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

On Saturday in Science of the Senses, we reviewed the journal prompt from last week, as well as some of the highlights from Day 2. Afterward, we explored the neurobiology of our skin. The students learned about the layers of skin and the role of melanin in protecting our skin from the sun, and then, we analyzed types of sunscreen in the sunscreen showdown. We also defined haptic perception and identified objects with it.   

To further their learning, you can discuss the following journal prompt: 

  • There are new advances in science every year that help paralyzed people find ways to become mobile, but there is no cure for a broken spine.  Based on what you have learned about the nervous system, do you think it will be possible to repair the spine one day? Why or why not? 

It has been a wonderful Spring SAVY session! Students created a Science Journal, which came home with them on Saturday, as we dove into the chemistry of cooking, the physiology of optical illusions, the physics of sound, and the neurobiology of our skin. The journal is full of diagrams, examples, definitions, and reflections that your scientist can remember forever!