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Spring Saturday SAVY, Week 1, Harry Potter: The Science Behind the Magic (5th-6th)

Posted by on Monday, January 29, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Greetings, Hogwarts Families!  

Your students performed excellently during their first day of wizarding school. After getting sorted into their houses, students began their learning journey by attending Potions Class. There, we learned about how polymers are formed, what crosslinking is, and how tiny changes in chemical compositions can have big impacts on the resulting polymer material. We used this new knowledge to crosslink glue (a polymer!!) with borax powder to make troll bogeys. 

Later in the day, students attended Alchemy Class. I was very impressed with their prior knowledge of types of invisible ink. We discussed the different chemical reactions that allow certain types of ink to disappear and reappear. Afterward, everyone created their own Marauder’s Map using laundry detergent and UV light! 

We ended the day with our first House Cup Competition with Gryffindor taking the lead. Next week, we will visit Potions Class again and attend Flying Lessons. Some exciting topics to discuss with your students in the meantime: 

  • Ask them to find examples of natural and synthetic polymers in your home. 
  • What is in laundry detergent that causes it to glow under UV light? 

I’m excited to see everyone again next Saturday as we continue learning about the science behind the magic! Have a great week!