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Fall Saturday SAVY, Week 1, Encounters with Measurement (1st-2nd)

Posted by on Monday, October 23, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Our first day of Encounters with Measurement was a blast! What a great way to spend a Saturday! We started the morning with community-building activities. Students identified how we can ensure we are safe, responsible, respectful, and kind throughout our time together. To get to know each other, students shared some of their favorite things in the community circle and played a game of “Would you rather?” 

Our young mathematicians dove into content by brainstorming things that can be measured. We discussed various types of measurement and concluded that measurement helps us define the size, length, or amount of something. This week, our focus was on linear measurement  (the distance between two points). We discussed standard and non-standard units of measurement and identified units of measurement for length. Students learned that the metric system is based on a system of tens, making conversions a simple process. Next, students used rulers to measure classroom objects to the nearest centimeter or half-centimeter with accuracy. After collecting measurements of items around the classroom, students compared their data and engaged in mathematical discourse to discuss any possible reasons for discrepancies. 

In the afternoon, students worked diligently on the “Incredible Me!” activity.  They first used their measurements of classroom objects as benchmarks to estimate various measurements of their own bodies (height, reach, foot length, distance around wrist, distance around neck, length of radius, and length of tibia). After estimating, students worked together in pairs to record measurements. To create a visual for comparison, students cut adding tape for each measurement, then measured the adding tape using a measuring tape. They did a great job working cooperatively, and it was fun to see the smiles on their faces as they discovered commonalities between measurements. Some students discovered that their height measurements were about the same as their reach (arm span), and others pointed out that the length of their foot was about the same as the length of their radius. 

Students were introduced to a story-based problem where they will be members of the Yeti Institute of Discovery on an expedition in the Himalayas to search for evidence of the Yeti. They will be working together next week to double measurements of their body parts to create a Yeti. Our adventures will also lead us to explore measurements of perimeter and area. 

This week at home, encourage your child to measure and record the lengths of objects in their environment. Remind them that 10mm=1cm, 10cm=1dm, and 100cm or 10dm=1m. Here’s our weekly “Think Beyond” question for your child to consider. Students may bring in their answers next week for discussion.   

Think Beyond Question: The lengths of three objects are: a.) 27 cm, b.) 270 cm, and c.) 2,700 cm. What could these objects be? Explain your reasoning for each.   

Have a great week! 

Ms. Davidson (instructor) & Ms. Masoomi (classroom assistant)