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Summer SAVY Session 6, Day 4, Encounters and Experiences

Posted by on Thursday, July 27, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Dear SAVY Families, 


I think your students will agree that today was the most exciting day of SAVY Session 6: Encounters and Experiences, Archetypes in Literature so far! Students got the chance to read, analyze, and be creative in new ways today.  


We started the day with part two of our novel study. Students are really getting into the story, and I have been so impressed with the ways they are able to analyze it, even if they are familiar with the story. We developed our understanding from yesterday and made predictions for what is to come in Augie’s story.  

We spent the remainder of the morning watching various advertisements and analyzing how the use of archetypes made the advertisement relevant to its viewers. Additionally, we looked at logos of common items, such as crayola and kit-kat, and discussed the archetype most commonly associated with the product. I had some ideas of what the students may say in analyzing these logos and advertisements, but I was so impressed by the ideas they came up with without my help. I think there are some future marketing majors in this class!  


Next, we looked at the sculpture “Invisible Homeless” and discussed the relevance of this sculpture in our society. We talked about the message that may be portrayed through this art, and how the art is used to send a message. After lunch students created their own art using symbols and visual imagery to tell a story or convey a message. I challenged students to think about an issue that is important to them and create a poster about that subject. Once again, the creativity found in this class was overwhelming! 


The last part of the day was spent on storytelling. We had small group discussions about our favorite stories, why they were our favorite stories, and what makes a good story. Students brainstormed common themes found in their favorite stories and talked with their groups about how these themes can be used within storytelling. To end the day, students were put in groups and assigned a “skit-bag.” Within this bag, students found a character, situational, and symbolic archetype. They had just 5 minutes to speak with their group and prepare a skit that portrayed each of the archetypes in their bag. Although they were nervous about the time constraints at first, the students worked hard and were able to present skits that were up to expectations. Our class loved this activity so much that we did it twice! This activity taught us all about how to use archetypes in storytelling. 


Discussion Questions: How did you study Jung’s idea of archetypes in each of the stories, advertisements, or artwork you experienced today? Which activity was your favorite today? What is your favorite story? What makes a good story? What was the experience like having to create your own symbolic art? Your own skit?  


Tomorrow is our last day of SAVY Session 6. I can’t believe we have only one day left, and I am really looking forward to seeing how our work together culminates tomorrow! 



Miss Gruchot 🙂