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Summer SAVY Session 6, Day 1, Cracking the Case

Posted by on Monday, July 24, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Happy Monday! We had a great day with our first day of forensic science. Our focus today was examining fingerprints. Ask your child some of these questions:  

Q: How can an expert carefully collect a compete print?  

Q: What did we learn about fingerprinting? 

Q: How does DNA finger printing allow for forensic scientist to prove the guilt or innocence of a suspect? 

Students worked to achieve these daily objectives through our labs:  

  • Lift fingerprint patterns from a crime scene  
  • Analyze the lifted prints  
  • Compare and contrast prints 
  • Apply evidence from prints to a criminal case 
  • Describe the relationship betrween scientific evidence and suspects in a criminal case