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Summer SAVY Session 5, Day 4, Mathematicians in History: Patterns, Order, and Relationships

Posted by on Thursday, July 20, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Mathematicians observe the natural world and work to make sense of it just like scientists. In today’s lessons, we caught up on a few pieces from yesterday’s work with Isacc Newton who conducted experiments throughout his childhood, including a novel investigation of the force of the wind. We also observed that sometimes when we are really focused or consumed by a problem, we can appear to others as absent minded, forget our own dinner and guests, or worse! The children enjoyed a performing, viewing, and discussing, and skit to “live out” some of the best stories told about this interesting mathematician.

As Galileo did, we conducted a few of our own investigations including completing data tables, observing patterns, creating formulas, and making sense of the outcomes for accuracy. The students worked hard to justify their conclusions in many problems today, especially those when they were given the problems and answers, but asked to explain the reasonings and processes within. Using a Hands-on Math manipulatives students explored, modeled, solved, and gained a deeper understanding of balanced equations such as 2x + x = x + 8 and 3x + 1 = x + 7. This was tremendous fun and we look forward to more such work tomorrow. We observed the habits of Fermat and celebrated the discovery of “Fermat’s Last Theorem” (here’s a new story about) and worked to solve a problem of primes and squares.

On Friday, we’ll discuss the individual work and collaborations of Gauss and Germain in the morning. In the afternoon, we will complete any “final business” and use a unique discussion model have final discussions observing our concept of mathematical relationships. Relationships are everywhere; everything is related. Relationships are powerful and have rules.

We have one great day ahead! I’m looking forward to every minute of supporting your child’s learning