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Summer SAVY Session 5, Day 4, Beyond the Pyramids

Posted by on Thursday, July 20, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Today we wrapped up the lesson on daily life in ancient Egypt. We read about what Egyptologists have learned about people in this civilization. I explained common jobs for ancient Egyptians and students were randomly assigned a job. We completed a hierarchy of labor pyramid that provided a visual representation of social classes in this civilization. Then, we imagined how the farmers, craftspeople, and merchants used bartering.

The ancient Egyptian numerals were introduced. Students practiced using them by making equations with a partner and solving them. Students created an ancient Egyptian numeral chart on a real piece of papyrus. They brought it home to share with you (or they will tomorrow if they chose to flatten it in their notebook).

Our focus for the afternoon was mythology and government. Students learned the connection between the two, as pharaohs were considered to be part of the family of the gods through the god Horus. Students researched famous male and female pharaohs and added the reign of each to our timeline. They worked in a research team to study one pharaoh and create a poster about the ruler’s life. They presented their research to the class.

Tomorrow our study concludes with the day the students are most excited about: pyramid day! We will study the structures and the treasures and mummies found inside them. Our guest Egyptologist will do a Q and A over Zoom with the children.