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Summer SAVY Session 5, Day 2, Mathematicians in History: Patterns, Order, and Relationships

Posted by on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2:  What a tremendous day!  I am very impressed with the class and their ability to persevere and remain focused on hard tasks. We added big numbers to our big thinking using a calculation model of a Scottish mathematician.  We used John Napier’s rods or “bones” for one-digit x multi-digit numbers and expanded some of those patterns to lattice multiplication strategies.  What patterns do we notice when we compare the familiar Hundreds Chart and Multiplication with Napier’s Rods?  What patterns, order, and relationships can we observe?

We also introduced and worked with problems connected with the armature French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, The students really enjoyed the fascinating patterns of Pascal’s Triangle. and tomorrow we will continue this work to turn our observation of patterns involving sums and perimeters into formulas.  Finally, the students worked to solve hands-on puzzles by analyzing components, moving them in space, and creating specific structures such as outlined in our previous research of the Platonic solids.  More to come on this. 
Again, I was so impressed with the students’ scholarship today as well as their learning.  A scholar engages appropriately both verbally and non-verbally.  A scholar communicates ideas with clarity and respects the ideas of others.  If you want to enjoy a few videos to prompt conversation during this next week, I’ve listed a few links below.  Enjoy!  (Don’t forget to send a snack for your child in the afternoon?)
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow to discuss the lives and work of Newton and Hypatia.  We’re looking to the skies!