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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 5, Mythology

Posted by on Friday, July 14, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 5:  Just like the Olympian gods and goddesses (ancient and modern) we have studied, we have finished well today! We have learned that the ancient Greek and Roman Olympic games were training activities and competitions for improving warriors by developing strength and endurance for completing the race and overcoming the challenges (even the painful ones). What were the qualities of the first athletes?  How were and are they similar to the mythological gods?  Are the games different or similar today?  What are the considerations for the host cities and who is invited to compete?

The excitement of the week continued as we completed and shared our final presentations or “capstone” projects with one another.  Our Measures of a Myth project allowed us to synthesize our learning into an original mythological story of our own making.  Initially, we engaged with each other’s work in a gallery walk, and then we had individual question-and-answer sessions. How did our stories measure up?  Did they have references or direct evidence of a certain culture through values or symbols?  What strengths and weaknesses did the main god/goddess have?  What did our story strive to teach us and how? Some of us wrote our stories and others used a storyboard format. Still, others chose a combination approach.  Often the students talked about inspirations for their continued writing at home! How will we look for these lessons and those of the traditional myths in our modern culture?  What new lessons do we still have to learn from these powerful stories, and will we continue to tell them in the future?  
Until the gods grant us unlimited time, we agreed we must plan for future learning.  Students were encouraged to make lists of gods/goddesses or concepts they wanted to continue to explore. Thank you for making this opportunity available to your child. I’m grateful for the journey of thousands of miles and as many years that we have traversed together this week!