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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 5, Animal Adaptations (Kent)

Posted by on Friday, July 14, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 5:  We started our day talking about the importance of biodiversity to the health of our ecosystems.

We then completed the research on our chosen animals. The presentations on all the animals were very informative and the students did a great job sharing all the details they found out.

We concluded our fun week together by reviewing what we learned and sharing the highlights of our experience at SAVY this week. The zoo visit was a popular highlight, as was learning so much about animals!

Concluding questions:

  • What was your favorite thing you learned about animals?
  • What stages in the life cycle of the mealworm will come next?
  • What animal did you research?
  • What animals did your classmates research?
  • What does “adaptation” mean?
  • What is an example of an animal adaptation?

Thank you for sharing these curious minds with us this week,

Jacquie Kent