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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 4, Operation Save the Beach

Posted by on Thursday, July 13, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 4:  Today, we took our walking field trip! We visited the stream table at a lab in the Stevenson Center. Our host, Sarah, explained how the table works to simulate erosion. She told us about what she is studying as she works on her PhD and shared how the stream table helps scientists study erosion. The students had a chance to brainstorm ideas to prevent erosion and test them using the table.

After returning to the Peabody campus, we shifted our focus to research. Students considered all that they’d learned this week and asked questions about unknowns. We practiced using an article to conduct research. Students worked in groups to determine which solution they wanted to research before creating a final plan for the camp. We assisted students in finding answers to those unanswered questions using reliable sources online. Students recorded their findings in their notebooks.
The Dunesville camp received a large donation to use to educate campers about the environment and how to protect their surroundings. The class brainstormed ideas of how to use the money. These ideas will help students as they present their solutions tomorrow. They will work in a group to create a map of the proposed camp and label the erosion prevention measures. They will present their proposal to the other council members tomorrow. Tonight, you can help your child brainstorm the best way to provide everything the campers need without causing additional erosion to the coastline.