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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 4, Mythology

Posted by on Thursday, July 13, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 4: Menacing Monsters (and the monsters within ourselves) and the Heros that overcome them were a big hit today!  We started the day with a reading of Medusa.  We looked for evidence of mythological influences (a journey, positive and negative character traits, change, and of course monsters) in this story. Throughout the day, we dove deep into the monsters, heroes, and abstract concepts they represent.  We also enjoyed a Chinese myth of the four dragons that came to be the four major rivers of their ancient land. The lines between monsters and heroes are sometimes blurred! We observed some cultures’ lists of virtues and “sins”.  We recognized that in some cultures, some of the elements might move between categories.  Again, walked away with new insights and questions. We have gained such knowledge of the different cultures and characters that we are making connections continuously to other stories and concepts. What fun!  

There have been many small work sessions today for our final projects to be presented tomorrow. What is the cultural or historical significance of my story? What are the strengths and weaknesses of my featured god/goddess?  Is this story autobiographical?  What lesson can be drawn from this story?  Is there symbolism in an item or character?  The students are really engaged and excited to make all these connections to their learning!  What questions are we generating for future learning? 

We are close to meeting all the goals of our course!
  • To investigate and analyze mythology from many different cultures. Check!
  • To understand the function of mythological stories in ancient cultures. Covered repeatedly!
  • To identify and understand the influences of mythology in modern culture in relation to science, architecture, and social values. Over and over again.
  • To create and develop a mythological character and storyline with drawings and/or narratives. We’re working on it and will complete it on schedule!! ��
The students asked that I share with you a few websites that help them to understand “the hero’s journey” and even enable them to create a digital storyboard.  If you find these resources useful to your family, please continue to use them.  What a great final day we have in store!  More gods and goddesses, more stories, more connections to our cultures today!  We’ll explore modern-day Olympians, and share our final Capstone projects. We can’t wait!