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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 2, Planning for the Future

Posted by on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2: Today in Planning for the Future, we explored the impacts of deforestation around the world. Students used their understanding of ratios and proportions to calculate the percent loss of rainforest as well as habitat loss using real-world data.

We also discussed other types of land conservation including in urban and suburban areas, which often take the form of public parks and other natural areas. This allowed students to revisit their city plans from yesterday and reconsider how they incorporated park space into their cities. That organically evolved into a rich discussion and debate: is it better to concentrate a single large area of conservation and park space, or to spread smaller pockets throughout the city? 

Looking ahead: on Thursday we will be doing a little experiment to examine how oil spills travel through bodies of water. If you have any empty single-use plastic water bottles, send them with your student on Thursday morning! 

Mr. Wooten