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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 2, Operation Save the Beach

Posted by on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2:  This morning, students brainstormed ideas for the proposed summer camp on the Dunesville coast. We used a summer camp map to research the needs of the camp. I used a non-fiction text, Weathering and Erosion by Maria Nelson, to provide facts and photos to explain each concept. Students read about a real-life example of the impact of coastal erosion at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. Students collaborated on a list of what to include in the plans to protect the camp from erosion. On Thursday morning we will visit a lab at Vanderbilt with an erosion simulation table. Students will use what they’ve learned to build and test erosion prevention measures. A detailed note will come home on Wednesday. Students will need to wear close-toed shoes per lab requirements.

Today’s experiment was all about rocks. Students simulated the weathering process as they tested physical and chemical changes. Students recorded a hypothesis for each experiment in their science notebooks. They observed and recorded immediate results for two experiments. Students observed chemical changes when limestone (chalk) was exposed to vinegar. They also observed changes in rocks as they used sandpaper to file the rocks. In the coming days, they will observe and record changes made to rocks that are frozen and rocks that are tumbled in water. 

The Dunesville council reconvened after ORA to reason about the problem using Paul’s Reasoning model. We identified stakeholders and considered the problem from the point of view of each stakeholder. As we consider possible solutions in the coming days, we will think about how each idea will impact the stakeholders. You may wish to ask your child what their solution ideas are. The class needs to determine if it is possible to build the camp without contributing to coastal erosion. They will plan for ways to protect the camp and beach in the future. Tomorrow we will investigate sand and observe how erosion occurs in our area. 

Mrs. Allison