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Summer SAVY Session 4, Day 2, From Myth to Modern Legend (Waxman)

Posted by on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2: We had another great day in Greek Mythology: Myth to Modern Legend! This morning, we wrapped up our discussion of the Greek gods/goddesses and learned about some minor figures. From there, we dove into the story of Persephone, perhaps one of the most well-known myths in Greek mythology. Students took turns reading the story aloud, and then we examined poems that capture the different aspects of Persephone’s perspective. We then went over the different parts of the underworld according to Greek myth, and students had the opportunity to draw their own interpretations of the underworld’s layout. All of the groups were especially creative and detailed, and we were able to hang up their maps in our classroom! 

From there, we shifted to a discussion of heroes, which will remain the focus for the rest of the week. Students brainstormed what it means to be a “hero,” and we learned about the heroic archetype in literature. Of course, Hercules (or Heracles, in Greek) is the most famous of the Greek heroes, so we dedicated the afternoon to his tales of adventure. After reading the actual myth, we watched the animated film and ended the day with a spirited debate on the deviations from the original myth. Tomorrow, we will start the day by creating and performing scenes that we think should be added to the film! 

Some dinner table questions: 

  • What are some of the main elements of a hero in Greek mythology? 
  • What does it mean to be a hero? 
  • Why do you think that the animated movie made so many changes to the myth? 
  • What scene are you planning to add to the film and why? 

Have a great evening! 

Ms. Waxman and Mr. Knight