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Summer Career Connections Session 6, Day 4, The Next Great Debate

Posted by on Thursday, July 27, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Thursday July 27, 2023


Good afternoon families and great debaters! Today we started out with a self reflection and discussion about yesterday’s debate. We provided each other with positive feedback and then discussed what we could work on to improve. We then played several fun speaking games in order to practice speaking extemporaneously and confidently and try to communicate emotion through loaded words, connotation, and tone. We watched and evaluated a couple of fun debates between children and their parents over cell phones and video games (go Phoebe!) and identified which kind of appeals, rebuttals, and argument strategies were being used. After lunch, we learned about the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates and the structure of conducting a Lincoln-Douglas debate with one, two, or three people. Then we prepped our research and arguments and began another Great Debate in the new format. Tomorrow we will learn about LEET as a design/plan for writing arguments and then we will practice with mini parliament debates and mock trials in our Galaxy adventure game. Finally, we will showcase everything we’ve learned in one last formal, high-stakes debate.


Treasure hunt hint to share with your debater for a trivia bonus question tomorrow: there is a strategy mentioned above. What are the four steps? Why are they important for debate?


Bonus 2: HOME is a word that has a strong meaning or feeling attached to it beyond its direct definition. We discussed this in class – what was the v