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Summer Career Connections Session 5, Day 5, Creative Writing: Short Stories

Posted by on Friday, July 21, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Happy Friday! We had an exciting, fun-filled final day of Creative Writing: Short Stories! Students spent the morning finishing their final projects, which were more extended versions short stories that they started from our exercises throughout the week. Some students chose to work on more extended projects that they will continue to develop at home, while others drafted and revised a more contained short story. Regardless of the option that they chose, I was very impressed with the caliber of our students’ ideas and stories!

After lunch, students had the opportunity to present information about the story that they wrote. Some students chose to read excerpts from their writing, and others summarized the plot and characters. Everyone did a great job of asking questions and engaging with each other’s work. Several students wanted digital versions of their stories to save or continue developing at home; some were able to email the story to themselves, and other students gave us their files (which SAVY admin will share or mail to families). Please make sure to ask your students about their final stories—they should be very proud of the work that they created!

After our presentations, we did an author imitation activity to practice writing style through the form of mad libs—students had lots of laughs as we created crazy versions of famous quotes. Next, we viewed some worldbuilding movie clips and finished the day with some entertaining improv games for verbal story writing!

We had a wonderful time with the students, and we hope that they enjoyed the week, as well! Have a great weekend.


Ms. Waxman and Mr. Knight