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Summer Career Connections Session 5, Day 5, Astrophysics: Extrasolar Planets

Posted by on Friday, July 21, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

We had an awesome end to our week of exploring Astrophysics and Extrasolar Planets - it was our Poster Presentation Day!  During the morning, we created research posters and we were quite impressed how students were able to pull things together to make excellent research presentations.  Some were a little stressed at the end, but they were able to draw up their resolve and draw on things we've been learning this week.

During the afternoon, we had to get ready to present (there are lots of logistics involving who evaluates whom, what kinds of evaluations to do when, when you're supposed to talk and for how long).  We also got to do arts and crafts with putting the posters together with tape!  See the attached photo for a collage of everyone's poster!  Your student should also have the paper version as they got to keep it and some may have it in their Google drive (if not, I have it ;) ).  Check out their project and have them tell you about it!

Questions for your dinner table:
- How did you determine what to research?
- What was your biggest challenge in designing/completing your research/poster?
- How did the presentation go for you?
- What were some of the coolest things that you saw from your peers (in research presentation, poster design, speaking, etc)?
- How did evaluating your peers help you? (i.e. be more present, know what to say when you yourself spoke, etc)
- Now that you've completed a research presentation, do you have a new answer to "what's so important about including the phrase "For extrasolar planets found so far" in your research question?"

Make sure to go back to previous blog days to see links to videos and such - you'll likely see more showing up soon.

Thank you for sharing your students with me
-Dr. G :)