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Summer Career Connections Session 5, Day 4, Creative Writing: Short Stories

Posted by on Thursday, July 20, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Happy Thursday! Today in Creative Writing: Short Stories, we started the morning with our usual “would you rather” warm-up questions. Students enjoyed discussing the topics with different partners! From there, we finished up our study of the historical fiction genre. Students used the characters that they created earlier in the week and put them in different historical scenarios, including at the first modern Olympic games in Greece and on the Titanic!

After our morning break, students finished up their world building from yesterday and answered a series of questions to deepen the operational details of their world. Several of the students have maps and government organizations that are quite impressive, so I encourage you to ask your children about the worlds that they created!

The afternoon was primarily dedicated to starting work on the main project, which is a full-length short story. Most students are using the characters that they created earlier in the week, choosing from the literary conflicts that we studied yesterday, and creating a story from there. Several students are also placing their characters into the world that they built this morning! We worked in the computer lab this afternoon to give students a chance to begin typing out and revising their stories. Students will also conference with me at least twice to get ideas for how to further expand and develop their stories.

Tomorrow, we will use the morning to finish writing and revising our stories. Some students may have a completed product, while others will have part of a more complex and extended story. Both options are welcome!

Some dinner table questions:

  1. What happened to your character in the historical fiction settings of the Titanic? The Olympic games in Greece?
  2. What was your favorite detail about the world that you created this morning? Why?
  3. What are you writing about for your final project? How do you plan to expand it?

Have a great evening!


Ms. Waxman and Mr. Knight