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Summer Career Connections Session 4, Day 5, Math and Music

Posted by on Friday, July 14, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 5:  I am so sad to see these Math and Music students leave! We had a great last day full of final performances and special guests!  

The morning began with an engaging math session focused on measurement. The children used tape measures to measure the length of our Boomwhackers. They then had to make a song using ONLY the measurements they recorded. They then swapped pieces and tried to perform another group’s song! The students found out how difficult it was to create and read pieces without note names that corresponded to the labels on the Boomwhackers! We also learned how important precision in measurement is to create the song that our friends had intended for us.  

Our guest performer, Ellie, talked more about this with us when she performed on her French horn! The French horn is a transposing instrument, so sight reading and sight transposing is something that Ellie deals with every day! We got to hear some classical pieces and the Jurassic Park theme, which was beautiful on the French horn!  

We also got to have a lesson by our wonderful TA, Ms. Cori! She showed us some visual art that she created for her composition based on the math within art. We got to talk about form, space, value, and so much more specific to art that has an underlying structure based on math.  

The highlight of the day was certainly the student performances, where the children showcased the songs that they have been working on throughout the week. They collaborated in small groups to create compositions on Boomwhackers, shakers, and even their own instruments that showcase math in some way. We had pieces based on the musical representation of an empty set, pi, addition, and so much more! It was evident that their dedication to class this week and their talent will lead them far in life.

Celebrating Growth and Creativity:  

As their teacher, it was heartwarming to witness the growth and creativity of these children throughout the week. They embraced the interdisciplinary nature of their math and music class, where concepts of measurement, geometry, patterns, and musical elements intertwine. I couldn’t be prouder of our budding mathematicians and musicians. Here’s to many more inspiring and transformative experiences in their educational journey!  

Ms. Kendall