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Summer Career Connections Session 4, Day 2, Math and Music

Posted by on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2:  I am so excited to share with you all the exciting things we did at SAVY today. It was a day filled with both learning and fun as we explored two fascinating topics: copyright versus inspiration and fractions versus time signatures. So, let’s get into the highlights of our day and what your children have been up to!  

In our first session, we dove into the world of creativity and originality. The students learned about the important distinguishing features between copyright and inspiration. We began by discussing copyright, which helps protect the rights of creators for their original works. The scholars learned about the importance of acknowledging and respecting copyright laws. Through various activities and examples, the students were encouraged to think critically about the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. We looked at quite a few examples of artists that have been to court in recent years for similarities to old songs. Many of our students were particularly defensive of Ed Sheeran and Olivia Rodrigo, insisting that no copyright infringement occurred.  

We shifted gears and explored the captivating world of fractions within music. The students learned about time signatures, which represent the organization of beats within a musical composition. They grasped the concept that music is divided into measures or bars, and each measure has a specific number of beats. By understanding notes, such as quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes, the students were able to comprehend different time signatures. To make the learning experience interactive and engaging, we listened to various pieces and attempted to identify the time signature by listening to the song. We dissected some really difficult time signatures and even some pieces that switched time signatures throughout the piece! I would encourage you to listen to the Bluey theme song with your student and have them walk you through the pattern!  

I think the students’ favorite part of the day was the activity in which they created a song based on a secret time signature. They chose an unusual time signature with a partner, performed it for the class without revealing the time signature, and then the class worked together to guess what time signature the piece was created in! They had a blast experimenting with different rhythms and understanding how fractions play a vital role in creating music.  

The students also really enjoyed listening to our guest performer Sam, who came in to play a piece on the bass clarinet and answer any questions the students had about music, math, and his experience with both!  

Today was an extra fun day at SAVY, packed with valuable lessons and exciting activities. Through these interactive sessions, they gained a deeper understanding of creativity, originality, and the mathematical foundation of music.  

I hope this glimpse into our day at camp has sparked your curiosity and excitement about what your children are learning. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting adventures and enriching experiences your students will have as the week continues. 

Ms. Kendall