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Summer SAVY Session 3, Day 2 – Matter Mysteries

Posted by on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2: It’s been a mysterious day of learning about the properties of matter for your kiddos here at SAVY! We began the day by sorting mystery objects into categories of solid, liquid, and gas. The kids were quickly able to identify our mystery liquid as maple syrup using their keen sense of observation! Next, we further categorized these mystery materials based on observable properties like color and shape. After lunch, we learned about how scientists use the scientific method to solve problems and answer questions. Your students helped design their own investigations to discover whether a reduction in size would change the properties of certain liquids and solids, and we even learned to formulate a testable hypothesis!

Some key takeaways from today:
  • Scientists use the scientific method to answer questions through investigations.
  • There are three states of matter, and they each have observable properties.
  • A hypothesis is an educated prediction about what the outcome of a scientific investigation will be.
Dinner table conversations with your student might include the following questions:
  • What are some of the properties of each state of matter?
  • What are some examples of each state of matter?
  • How did you think like a scientist today?