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Summer SAVY Session 2, Day 4 – Common and Practical Chemistry (Crooke)

Posted by on Thursday, June 22, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 4:  This morning, we started off by examining our blue crystals from Wednesday. Students then used a variety of indicators, such as cabbage juice, litmus paper, and phenolphthalein, to test the pH of a bunch of household reagents and beverages. After ORA, we made bath bombs. Various ingredients were combined to see how to produce the bath bomb with the best fizz. We will test them tomorrow. We then talked about the electromagnetic spectrum and how light has energy. Students made stencils that they will use to create blueprint t-shirts tomorrow. The designs will block out the sunlight. The sunlight will cause the rest of the T-shirt to turn blue. Tomorrow, we will expose the T-shirts to the sun. Finally, we learned about physical and chemical properties and changes. We ended the day with Mentos and diet coke. 

Neelie Crooke