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Summer SAVY Session 2, Day 2 – Archaeology

Posted by on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 2: Today in Uncovering Secrets of the Past: Archaeology 101, we reviewed our study of systems from yesterday. The students came up with really great examples of systems from their homes. After that, we watched an introductory video to archaeology. We were introduced the to problem that the students will be trying to solve through “Problem-Based Learning” this week.  

You are a newly hired assistant at a small museum that has just opened in your hometown. It is your second day on the job when you learn that the museum’s archaeologist has resigned. Later that day, the museum receives a call from a local construction site. While digging to lay a foundation for a new school, a backhoe operator uncovered numerous artifacts. The construction company has stopped work while they wait to hear what should be done next.  

We also looked at an article about Mesa Verde and the impact of wildfires on that archaeological site. Finally, the students learned about decomposers and the impact they have on archaeological artifacts and sites. The students are very excited about finding out more to help them in problem-solving as teams.

Tonight as you are having your dinner conversations, I would like for you to discuss the following questions: Why is soil important to people? What would happen if we had no soil or if we ruined the soil we had? How do you think the study of soils is related to archaeology?  

I am looking forward to hearing the students’ ideas and perspectives tomorrow morning.  

Dr. Dunlap