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Summer SAVY Session 2, Day 1 – Archaeology

Posted by on Monday, June 19, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 1: Today in Uncovering Secrets of the Past: Archaeology 101, we completed a pre-assessment. The students also learned about the concept of systems. They have learned the following vocabulary words: boundary, dysfunctional, element, input, interaction, interdependent, and output. We also learned five generalizations of systems and completed a graphic organizer as well. As a part of their review tonight, I have asked them to complete the following exit ticket. I am looking forward to our share time in the morning.  

Reflection Journal-Think of a system that is within your home. Complete each of the five areas for your system.  


Elements- What are the parts of your system?  

Boundaries- What keeps your system together?  

Inputs- What things go into your system?  

Outputs- What things come from your system?  

Interactions- How does your system use the inputs and give off outputs?  

Dr. Dunlap