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Summer SAVY Session 1, Day 1 – Robotic Engineering

Posted by on Monday, June 12, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 1:  The Exciting Adventures of Our Future Robotics Engineers: Day One in the SAVY-Robotic Engineering Course! 

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of robotics! The first day of class was nothing short of extraordinary. With anticipation and curiosity in the air, our budding engineers embarked on a thrilling adventure that would unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for technology. Let’s dive into the incredible experiences of these young minds as they took their first steps into the captivating realm of robotics. 

Getting to Know the Robots: 

The first day began with an introduction to the fascinating world of robots. Our enthusiastic campers were introduced to various types of robots, ranging from simple line-following robots to more complex humanoid robots. They learned about the different components that make up a robot, such as sensors, processors, and microcontrollers. With wide-eyed wonder, they eagerly absorbed every bit of knowledge, fueled by the possibility of creating their own robotic masterpieces. 

Theory soon turned into practice as students delved into hands-on activities. Individually, students were presented with a Bristle Bot kit to make a mini robot. Each young engineer explored the kits, familiarizing themselves with the components and understanding their functions. They learned how to connect circuits and test their robots’ abilities. Before lunch, campers competed with their redesign and modifications to see which Bristle Bot would move in a straight path the fastest. This activity led to thought-provoking discussions regarding success and failure in the realm of engineering and in life. These discussions about how engineers often fail before innovation occurs were a great transition into our after-lunch activities on the Engineering Design Process. Please see the pictures below of some of our bristle bot designs! 

Robotics is not just about building machines; it’s also about collaboration and teamwork. Through various team-building exercises and group challenges, the campers quickly learned the importance of working together. They discovered the power of combining their individual strengths, listening to different perspectives, and solving problems collectively as they created infographic posters on the Engineering Design Process. The room buzzed with excitement and camaraderie as the young engineers bonded over their shared passion for robotics. 

Our day ended with the revealing and sorting of our new Lego Spike Prime robotic kits. After ensuring that all kits were organized, we started our first Lego Education lesson: Invention Squad, Building a Hopper! Day 2 will be just as exciting as we continue our quest to explore Robotic Engineering with Legos! If your young engineer would like to gain a head start on coding and programming Hopper, please check the review LEGO Spike Prime Hopper Programming Overview. 

The first day of our robotics course for 5th/6th graders was an exhilarating start to an unforgettable journey. The students dove headfirst into the world of robots, absorbing knowledge, building their own creations, collaborating with peers, and conquering challenges. Through their experiences, they not only developed technical skills but also fostered teamwork, creativity, and resilience.  

As we look ahead to the rest of the week, we are filled with excitement to witness the remarkable growth and accomplishments of these young robotics enthusiasts. The future certainly looks bright with these brilliant minds at the helm of innovation! I look forward to seeing your child’s smiling face and curiosity about robots first thing tomorrow morning! 

Have a wonderful evening, 

Ms. Young 

SAVY Instructor/Robotic Engineering 

A few photos from the day: