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Summer SAVY 2023 Session 1, Day 5 – Data Discoverers

Posted by on Monday, June 19, 2023 in blog, SAVY.

Day 5: Data says….Data Discoverers was a success!! What an amazing week we had learning how to be research scientists! You can look at the “data” that your child is bringing home today and realize how much they’ve grown as researchers! Here are some(not all) of the items you will find in your child’s folder/backpack. Go through their journal and folder and talk to your child about how we practiced each type of research this week! 

  • Student Mathematician Journal 
  • Annotated articles about the research process and types of research 
  • Newscast outline and script on weather historical data 
  • Journals full of notes, math, and graphs 
  • Independent research poster on the question of their choice  

Today, students created their mystery bag for the partner they collected data on all week. Students LOVED making them with Makerspace items. They had to have 7-10 items that represented the data collected. Almost all the students were able to guess their partner’s bag about themselves! I guess everyone collected good data!  

Students worked on their final independent research projects for most of the day. Each person chose one type of research, created a question based on what they were curious about, gathered data, organized their data in the form of a graph, drew conclusions, and present their research to SAVY staff. Ask your child about each of the five steps and why they chose to research the topic chosen. Here are some questions you can ask your child to learn more about our week and their final presentation! 

  • What is research and why is it important?  
  • Explain the three types of research (experimental, descriptive, historical). 
  • What are different ways you can organize research (line plot, bar graph, table, pictograph, line graph, pie chart)? 
  • How might people use research in the real world? Where do you see it? 
  • How might someone spot fake news? How can misleading information be harmful?  
  • What research questions would you like to answer this summer?  

Thank you for letting your child spend the week with us at SAVY! I hope to see them again at future camps! I truly feel like the students are prepared to research whatever challenging question comes their way!