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Summer SAVY 2022/Session 1 – Matter Mysteries for Rising 1st/2nd Grade

Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2022 in blog, SAVY.

Friday: Thank you for allowing your children to spend this week with me at SAVY. Every one of the students are brilliant little scientist! We had an amazing week of investigations in Matter Mysteries! Today students conducted their own experiments at our Matter Conference.  The students followed the Wheel of Scientific Investigation and Reasoning. The students presented their testable question, hypothesis, material list, and experiment steps and then conducted their experiment to test their hypothesis.Tonight ask the students about the conclusion of their experiment and their science logbook. The students will be excited to share. We had the opportunity to work in the computer lab today,  to view a 3D model of a water molecule, experienced a virtual simulation of solid, liquid, and gas molecules where the students manipulated the temperature to watch the molecules separate. We went on a 3D virtual field trip to the Children’s Museum Houston to their Matter Factory. Where we explored the exhibits that illustrate the properties of matter.

Thursday: Today students finalized their experiment for the Matter Conference tomorrow at SAVY. Tonight ask students about their experiments question and hypothesis. Students used a balance, clay, and other materials to learn about mass and volume. Continued to observe their investigation into the disappearing 

Ocean Water and learned how evaporation may have played a part into the disappearance. Students conducted a Physical Change by using their body heat to change a solid to a liquid. Students worked in small group to explore matter and observed it under a microscope. We will finish the small group matter explorations tomorrow. Students conducted a Temperature Change Investigation where they learned how to use different measurement tools and follow directions to create ice cream. Ask students tonight about their experience with making ice cream and the lesson they learned about temperature change.

Wednesday: Today students had Matter Conferences with the teacher to discuss their Matter experiments. Students received feedback about their experiments. Tonight talk with your student about their Matter experiment. Students used the Scientific Investigation and Reasoning Wheel to solve a Mystery Goop investigation. Used clues and knowledge about matter to design a experiment to investigate the Ocean Water Mystery. Conducted a Carbonation Gas Investigation.

Tuesday: Today students learned to think like a Scientist by using the Scientific Method and Wheel of Investigation and Reasoning. Students investigated the properties of solids and liquids. Discovered and conducted an experiment on reversible and irreversible changes using Play-doh. Tonight students will think about experiments they can conduct at SAVY about matter for our class Matter Conference Friday.

Monday: Today students learned about laboratory safety and scientists. The students wrote directions for their instructor to conduct an experiment. Identified, observed, and investigated the properties of matter. Students conducted a Mystery Egg investigation and a gas investigation to find a solution to solve the challenge.