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Career Connections at SAVY 2019: Session 1, Day 2 – Aerospace Engineering (Rising 7th)

Posted by on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 in Grade 7, SAVY.

The day opened with students finding a list of twenty-plus deliverables for the day, all before lunch. Not only did they have to CAD a rocket, they were required to simulate it with four separate engines, provide part lists, create requisition forms, finalize drawings, deliver formal project proposals, and design an electronic ignition box. Students divided roles and responsibilities with one member as a Simulation Specialist, another as the Drafter, and a third as the Systems Engineer to communicate needs from all sides. The fourth member served as the Administrator, ensuring all deliverables would be met, completing all writing requirements, and aiding and delegating tasks to other members as needed.

Each team successfully provided simulations results for their rocket, and have prepared as best possible for the slew of work to follow…

Following a hearty lunch, students traveled to an engineering laboratory where they would create their electronic ignition boxes. These “Ignition boxes” would provide the energy used to light their rocket motors on launch day. Each team provided drawings and parts to a machinist, who then cut each of the enclosures to spec. Students added key and momentary switches to their cases, and prepared for the most exciting lesson of the day – soldering. Not only did students design their ignition circuits, they wired and soldered each component together on their own!

Once again, each team completed their goals without injury, error, or delay. The streak of preparation and luck continued…

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