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Summer Career Connections at SAVY 2018: Session 5, Day 5 – The Power of Persuasion (Rising 7th)

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Our final day commenced with the presentation of several students’ practice persuasive speeches. Students adapted to constructive feedback and were able to speak to the whole class with confidence! During this session, we began our exploration of the fifth stage of Monroe’s motivated sequence, the Call to Action. Students incorporated calls to action and “I Believe” statements into their persuasive speeches.
We engaged in hands-on exercise regarding several technical skills. We explored vocal texture and verbal relish. Students were encouraged to visualize and “taste” words, painting vivid imagery by way of tone, pitch, and tempo. After using colored pencils to highlight important words, they shared aspects of their persuasive speeches with new emphasis on vocal texture. (During this work, I paid homage to one of my favorite teachers, the wonderful Jerry Carlson. Do ask your children what Jerry – born and raised in Pennsylvania – thought of Americans who don’t taste their words…)
Another back-pocket tool was introduced: the physicalization of parenthetical and antithetical statements. Students identified and then constructed examples of these powerful rhetorical devices. One student gave a funny example: “David, who was abducted by aliens, now has alien powers!” We had a great time, playing with language!
Before lunch, the students brainstormed topics for their final persuasive speeches. The topics were specially crafted with you in mind, knowing that you would be attending our open house this afternoon! After lunch, they began rigorous research for their arguments, going step-by-step through Monroe’s Sequence, ensuring that their points were free of fallacy and unified by a strong statement of personal belief. Students learned how to transcribe their speeches into key-word format, allowing them to function from note cards rather than complete manuscripts; in so doing, your children ensured that they developed their extemporaneous speaking skills! Students were exceptionally helpful to each other, offering advice and assistance as they practiced and prepared. It was wonderful to see them work together today!
Of course, our day concluded with our open house. It was wonderful to see your children so eager to share their work, to levy their persuasive speeches, to tour you about the artifacts of the week’s work, and to bring the week to a close on such a celebratory note. I so enjoyed my time working with these students. Thank you, again, for the opportunity of this experience!
-Mr. Lee

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