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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 1/Day 3- Mirror of Mythology (Rising 2nd/3rd, Dr. Mall)

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I am going to start with your child’s homework assignment!  Since we are making connections with mythology around us today, the kids will be looking for examples of myths in our society that they see.  These can be from books, architecture, logos for businesses (like Starbucks and the mermaid logo), television, the Nike swoosh, etc.  They are really excited about this!  Tomorrow, we are going to create a big list of everything that they found!  They don’t have to bring them in, they can just write it down!
Today, we finished learning about all of the major gods and goddesses, even learned how the Roman version of many of the names are the names of planets, and they brainstormed why those planets would be named for them.  Jupiter’s moons are also named for a lot of characters in his myths!  They then got to choose their favorites and research more about them.  One of the big treats was getting to write with a quill pen (a modern version with a ballpoint end so that it wasn’t as messy as putting it in ink) and sharing the stories that they knew about the gods.
Finally, we began exploring the roles of heroes and monsters.  We talked about and saw artist’s renderings of the hydra, Medusa, Pegasus, Chimera, Cyclops, the Minotaur, Cerberus the three headed dog, and more!  They are very fascinated by this!  Tomorrow, we will start studying the heroes that faced them.
Have fun with the homework assignment!  I think you will be surprised at how many things in our culture are influenced by the Greek culture and myths!  Also, have them tell you a story or something about their favorite god and goddess.
Have a great day!
Dr. Mall

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