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Virtual Employment Opportunities

PTY’s offers virtual programming through Mentor Immersion program and our Rising Experts Mini Immersion program.

Our virtual programs offer cohorts in the fall, spring, and summer. Please visit the program pages for specific program dates and design. Because new cohorts start seasonal, PTY is consistently sourcing for staff to join an upcoming session.

Therefore, there is no deadline to submit interest in the program positions outlined below. Statements of interest will continue be accepted until all positions are filled for a season. Once all positions are filled for a season, PTY will begin recruitment for similar positions for the next season.

Note: All individuals expressing interested in PTY positions must be at least 18-years-old. Two years experience working or volunteering with youth, is preferred but not required, for most positions.

Please follow the links below for individual position job descriptions by program and for information concerning next steps to share interest in a positions. Applicants both internal and external to Vanderbilt are welcome to express interest. We are unable to provide sponsorship of an employment VISA at this time.

Virtual Program Instructor

Please visit our teaching opportunities page for more information about serving as an instructor for Mentor Immersion or Rising Experts: Mini Immersion.

Teaching Assistant

Location: Nashville, TN
Type: Virtual
Reports to: Director of Academics

Job Description: 

The Teaching Assistant (TA), typically recommended directly by the instructor/mentor of the course, collaborates with the instructor during the session to ensure that students are appropriately challenged and supported on the academic content.

PTY virtual mentorship programs are for academically advanced students 7th through 12th grade. Mentorships meet online weekly. Mentors (instructors) are typically professors, PhD students, postdocs, VU staff, and/or content experts. The mentor is responsible for designing and executing a PTY mentorship that is appropriately challenging and engaging for students, while the Teaching Assistant supports instruction when students are present in the virtual space. Students take one mentorship for a session. Sessions occur in the fall, spring, and summer. Meeting times vary based on mentorship but are typically in the evenings or on weekends.


Your summer includes:  

  • Making a difference through investing in the lives of gifted and high achieving young scholars. 
  • Adding a unique experience to your resume. 
  • Joining a team of dedicated staff who are passionate about developing talent in advanced students.   
  • Competitive compensation with lunch included.   


Within their wide array of duties and responsibilities, VSA Academic Materials Assistant is expected to: 

  • Communicate with the instructor/mentor prior to the program (maximum of 5 hours) to understand the instructor’s plans and to discuss how the instructor would like the TA to provide academic support during class. 
  • Support the instructor in the classroom by monitoring student understanding, reinforcing learning objectives, providing individual and small group differentiated support with instructional content. 
  • Assist and support the instructor with uploading class information through Vanderbilt’s Learning Management System (Brightspace) so that students may access information during and after the course. 
  • Liaise with the instructor and PTY Director of Academics regarding students’ academic concerns, as appropriate 
  • Understand and implement policies and procedures related to protection of minors. 
  • Adhere to PTY’s policies related to confidentiality. 
  • Successfully and positively communicate with individuals of all ages, experiences, and roles.   
  • Successfully pass the Vanderbilt University criminal background check and online training for working with minors.  
  • Agree to adhere to all duties before, during, and after the program as outlined in the staff materials. 


It is preferred that qualified applicants be directly recommended by an instructor/mentor and hold a bachelor’s degree by the time of employment. Current Master’s or Ph.D. students preferred. Applicants both internal and external to Vanderbilt are welcome to express interest. Teaching experience and/or experience working with advanced students is a plus.