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How to Apply for WAVU

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Program Timeline

October 11WAVU Courses Announced
October 18Application Priority Window Opens Noon CST
October 20Application Priority Window Closes Noon CST - Applications continue to be accepted on a rolling basis
November 1Admissions Notifications sent on or before this date for students who applied on or before October 20
November 15Tuition and required forms due
December 3WAVU begins at 8:45AM CST

*No tuition refunds will be granted after November 15, 2022.


In order to determine if WAVU’s accelerated courses are a good fit, all students are required to submit qualifying documentation as part of their application. Please carefully review the eligibility information below along with information on our admissions process and placement. Please note, WAVU does not compare one student to another in the admissions process. We review a student’s application in its entirety to ensure that the program will be a good academic fit for the student.

Here is a description of the required and recommended application components that are helpful for PTY when determining fit:

1. Test Scores (Required): Students applying to WAVU must submit qualifying documentation at the time of application. Test scores in the 85th percentile and above for their age group in one or more sections on an advanced achievement assessment (ACT, SAT, PSAT, or AP scores within the content area of the course) OR any other nationally normed standardized assessment (such as state testing, MAP/NWEA testing, ITBS, or ERB if advanced achievement assessment scores are not available) would suggest that this program might be a good fit academically for a student. We also accept cognitive measures (i.e., WISC-V, CogAT, Otis Lennon, Stanford-Binet) and out-of-level test scores (i.e., ACT in 7th grade). Individual ability and/or achievement assessments from psychologists are also accepted. All pages of the individual evaluation and assessment need to be included. Test scores should be less than three years old. When reviewing scores, we look specifically at strengths and accelerated achievement in the content area(s) for select course(s) of interest. However, PTY does not have cutoffs for standardized test scores in order to apply to the program. Also, please note that scores above the 85th percentile do not automatically guarantee admission into the program based on our randomized admissions process.

Students may submit a screenshot or picture of student assessments as long as the student’s name is seen on the form.

2. Transcript (Required for Some Applicants):

  • In order to better understand if WAVU would be a good fit for a student, we ask that a student submit a transcript as part of their qualification materials if a student’s test scores fall below the 85th percentile. Our WAVU program is designed for students who have performed well based on the opportunities and experiences that are available to them. Understanding a student’s academic achievement through a school transcript can be helpful when making placement determinations. Along with above average test scores, grades of mostly As and Bs in the most academically advanced courses offered at the student’s school typically suggest that the WAVU program would be a good academic fit. Through the transcript review process, we are looking for students who are highly motivated. PTY also understands that extenuating circumstances might impact a student’s grades. Please make sure to provide annotation if the student’s grades do not accurately demonstrate their ability and motivation to participate in an accelerated academic environment.
  • We also ask that all students who apply for classes with prerequisites make sure to submit a transcript.

Transcripts can be submitted as a picture or screenshot of a student’s unofficial record but must include the student’s name.

3. Supplemental Evidence of Advanced Performance (Requested for Some Applicants After Initial Application Review): We understand that there are additional ways to reflect a student’s academic knowledge and capacity for advanced academic coursework besides test scores and transcript information. Feel free to contact the WAVU office for questions about scores and a transcript that do not meet these criteria, as alternative documentation through additional portfolio information may be acceptable to determine fit. Additional portfolio components include a resume, teacher recommendation form (provided by WAVU), and possible work sample. This information should not be submitted at the time of original application unless requested. After reviewing a student’s initial application (test scores and transcript), a member of the WAVU team will be in touch about whether additional information might be helpful in determining if WAVU is a good academic fit.

Admissions Process

Students should choose their WAVU course based on what interests them. If more than one course is of interest, we ask that the student rank courses in the order of preference. Ranking more than one course increases the chance of admission to WAVU. But remember: a student can be placed in any ranked course according to availability, so only rank courses that truly appeal to the student. Apply during the priority window to have the best chance for placement in a top choice course!

Application checklist

  • Application (Online)
  • Test scores (Only if applicable, see Eligibility area above)
  • Application fee of $50 (If applying for both Fall and Spring WAVU, only one application fee is required.)
  • Financial aid application (Only if applicable)

Admissions Process and Placement

Our WAVU admissions process is intended to facilitate an equal opportunity for all potential participants to be placed in the courses that interest them.

WAVU begins the application season with the application priority window, which takes place during a 48-hour period when the application is first available to students and families. All qualifying and complete applications submitted during the application priority window have the same opportunity for placement. WAVU applications may be submitted after the application priority window as long as room in WAVU courses remains.

The admissions process for the 48-hour window is as follows:

  1. All applications received during the window are reviewed at the same time.
  2. The order of review of these applications is randomized.
  3. Applications of siblings are reviewed and placed simultaneously, space permitting.

Please note that many courses fill quickly. We strongly recommend that applicants apply during the 48-hour application priority window. This does not guarantee admission, but it does increase your chances.

Applications received after the application priority window are time and date stamped upon arrival and reviewed accordingly. If course space remains after review of applications from the 48-hour window has concluded, courses are filled on a first-come, first-served system, based on availability and eligibility. A waiting list is maintained for courses that are filled.

Applicants are notified of admissions decisions via email within 2-3 weeks of submitting the application. If everything is complete, you will receive communication about placement. If application materials are found to be missing, we will notify you as soon as possible with a request for more information and with accompanying deadlines. Please note that an incomplete application could impact placement. PTY is only able to review complete applications for placement.

For families who wish to apply for financial aid, financial aid awards will be included in the admissions notice if financial aid materials were already submitted with the application. Students may apply for financial aid at anytime. The financial aid application status (complete or incomplete) does not impact placement in a course. The admissions notice will include any financial aid award if a families applies for financial aid early in the admissions process.

Our WAVU admissions process is intended to facilitate an equal opportunity for all potential participants to be placed in the courses that interest them.

Waiting List

WAVU maintains waiting lists for courses that have reached maximum enrollment. The waiting list status of each course can be seen on our online course pages. Students who have not been placed in their first-choice course are automatically placed on the waiting list for higher ranked courses. We move students into their higher-ranked courses if space becomes available; however, there is no guarantee that spots will open in a higher-ranked class. If space becomes available, or if PTY determines that the program can no longer accept additional students from the waiting list, we will communicate with families via email. The application fee is not refundable to families of students who are not admitted from the waiting list.

If your student is on a waiting list, and you have questions about their status, please contact PTY at 615-322-8261 or