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Spring SAVY 2020: Day 1 – Environmental Explorations: Dig It! (K)

Posted by on Monday, February 10, 2020 in Grade K, SAVY.

What is a scientist? What do scientists do? What are some jobs that scientists have? How can scientists solve problems in the real world? The only way to find the answers to these questions was to dig in and become scientists ourselves. Making observations using our senses, such as noticing changes in liquids with mixtures added, using our sense of smell to identify mystery substances, and predicting sound patterns in glasses with varying levels of water, really helped us identify how scientists make observations, ask questions, and learn more.

To explore other steps in the scientific process, we continued to take on the job of a scientist as we did our own experiment to test the power of the wind. Drawing pictures of the materials we identified that we needed, a feather, measuring tool (yardstick), blow-dryer, our own mouths to blow the feather, and a data recording sheet. Predicting which resource would move the feather further, helped us understand how important it is for scientists to pay attention to details and to record what was found.

Now that we know that scientists not only observe, ask questions, learn more, design and conduct experiments, create meaning and tell others what was found, we are ready to become junior scientists, and investigate how we can study the effect of change in the scientific process as we consider natural resources and more!

As you sit around the dinner table this week, consider the following discussions involving change and being a scientist:

  • How do you think scientists study change?
  • Which are easier to identify: examples or nonexamples of change? Why or why not?
  • When was there a time when a change had a positive effect on the family?
  • Ask family members to answer this question: What would you investigate/study/do/ if you were a scientist?

See you all next week for more learning and exploration!

Mrs. Tyson

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