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Fall SAVY 2019: Day 3 – Measurement Matters (Grades 1/2)

Posted by on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

Hello SAVY parents! I can’t believe how fast the Fall session has come to an end. The last day was one filled with lots of learning. We began the class by reviewing the meaning of term perimeter. Students were able to use mathematical language learned in the previous class meeting to describe the term and explain the formula used to calculate the perimeter. Students learned to calculate the perimeter of regular shapes as well as irregular two-dimensional figures. Next, students were introduced to the term area. We watched a video about area on Flocabulary. Flocabulary is a very innovative tool that can be used to help students understand various topics across all subjects. Information is presented to the students in the form of a song with a very catchy beat. Students asked to watch the video multiple times and were able to retain very important information that would allow them to compare/contrast area and perimeter. Although finding the area requires multiplication, students who had not yet learned multiplication were given an alternative method of finding the area by counting the square units inside the solid figure.

In the afternoon lesson students were introduced to customary units of measure. We looked at several containers and make estimations on how many cups it would take to fill the containers. Measuring cups in increments of 1/2c, 2/3c, and 1/4c were used to fill the containers. Everyday items were identified to make connections to quarts, pints, and gallons. The distinction was made about which units were used to measure liquids and which units are used to measure solids. To end the class students were taught how to make conversions from larger units to smaller units. I was very impressed with how quickly the students were able to convert gallons, pints, and quarts into cups.

I’m very pleased with the wealth of knowledge students were able to obtain in such a short amount of time and the way they worked through new challenges. I hope to see all of you again in future courses!


Ms. Polk

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