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Summer SAVY 2019: Session 3, Day 3 – Data Discoverers (Rising 1st/2nd)

Posted by on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

One of our goals for the day was to learn about and use different kinds of graphs. We used a line plot to help us look at some data about how many jumping jacks we could do in a minute. We did the jumping jack challenge 3 times. We talked about how researchers might repeat their experiments different times or different ways or with different groups to compare results and have more data to analyze. We also made some pie charts and talked about how these represent parts of a whole. For us, it showed parts of our group. We talked a bit about how sometimes graphs can be misleading or even misrepresent data.

Another goal for the day was to learn from expert researchers. Before going on our trip to the Building Knowledge Lab, the students came up with some questions that we might ask. Below is a sample:

  • What do you research?
  • How do you share your data?
  • How do you keep outside factors from influencing your data?
  • How do you collect data?
  • What graphs do you use to communicate your data?

The students were great listeners and had many of their questions answered. Carrie, the lab manager, told us all about some research they were doing that was about how students treat other students with disabilities. They are very interested in how to help teachers with anti-bullying efforts. We learned about how they study kids and their behaviors and how they present their data. One thing that stuck out was how they use other people who didn’t do the study to help code the data. This helps researchers from influencing the results to skew in a particular direction. Tomorrow, we can apply some of what we learned about how researchers work to our own research projects. We will share our projects with you on Friday at open house!

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