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Summer SAVY 2019: Session 2, Day 2 – Environmental Explorations (Rising 1st/2nd)

Posted by on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

Day 2 Greetings from Environmental Explorations class, here at SAVY!
Today has been VERY exciting and VERY busy.
We started the day by having Dr Chris Aiken, who studies viruses, talk to us about things he does as a scientist. He talked about how scientists ask questions, learn from their senses, observe and notice details, write about what they notice, make comparisons, measure and count exactly, decide and sort, design experiments to test predictions, try things again and again, and think logically.
Dr. Chris Aiken talking with our young scientists today!
Before he left, he participated in our own SAVY “white coat” ceremony, where the students in our class received a “white coat” [they were quick to point out “it’s only a t-shirt ;)] and a scientist lanyard with their name on it.  The students will wear their “white coats” the rest of the week and bring them home Friday.
After Dr. Aiken left, we talked about how we use our senses as scientists, and did a variety of experiments, including one outside with flaming paper– you should ask them about this one. It was quite the hit. 🙂
After lunch, we dove straight into Ecological issues occurring on a fictitious island.  However, these issues including pollution, erosion, and air quality are concerns that trouble us, even here in Nashville!
Your student’s homework tonight is to talk to you about HOW issues such as the ones listed above COULD have an effect on us and why we should care about it.
Today we learned words like verification, concentrated, dissipated, inhibit, ecosystem, and the terms primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers.
This is SUCH a bright group and I am looking SO forward to the rest of the week.  Tomorrow, we have a guest speaker coming to talk to us about recycling. I’m really anxious to hear what she has to say 🙂
Until next time, stay SAVY!

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