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Spring SAVY 2019, Day 3 – Using Algebra to Make and Break Records (3rd/4th)

Posted by on Monday, February 11, 2019 in Grade 3, Grade 4, SAVY.

Hello SAVY parents!  Students were excited to reach the halfway point as we continue to enhance their Math knowledge using world records. Students were able to add two new vocabulary terms to our word wall: rate of change and y-intercept.  We were also able to connect this week’s lesson to previous learning.

The class started with a recap of last week’s orange nose push challenge.  Students were given a new line graph to represent the challenge and we discussed whole group the similarities and differences between the graphs. Real-world situations were given where students were able to look at the graph to determine the rate of change, interpret the information given by looking at the shape of the line, and identify how the variables effect one another in each situation.

The overall theme of the class was for the students to be able to interpret what information could be obtained from the shape of the line.  In graphs where the line did not start at the origin students could predict that someone had been given a head start in the race.  A line graph with a horizontal line could indicate that one variable had no effect on the other and no distance was gained.  Finally, when the graph looked rigid the class could explain that it was an indicator that someone possibly took a break between intervals.

In our last activity, six graphs were posted around the room and the students had to identify which graph matched the real-world situations that they were given.  Students were also able to list the variables in each situation and describe the change that was happening in each graph.

Please remember to log the daily pages each student reads as we attempt to create a record of 10,000 pages read by the last class meeting. We have read about 2,500 pages in all so far. Thank you so much for another successful Saturday and I look forward to another Saturday of fun and learning.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I can be reached at

Thank you so much!! Love –D. Polk


Station Work with Our Record-breakers