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Spring SAVY 2019, Day 2 – Circuitry, Systems, and Design (3rd/4th)

Posted by on Monday, February 4, 2019 in Grade 3, Grade 4, SAVY.

Dear SAVY Parents!

We agreed that we were all so thankful for systems this week!  Schools systems worked with communications systems to evaluate cold weather systems that might be affecting transportation systems.  HVAC systems that kept us warm depended on functioning electrical systems!  What output changes would occur if some elements of the electrical system ceased to interact? Is this predictable? Can such disruptions be prevented? How?

Students were initially challenged to consider and understand symbols and drawings of a simple building design.  Can students create scale drawings and use symbols to observe electrical systems of the second floor of the Wyatt Center?  What should be the scale of our model drawings? Can others read and make sense of such symbols and models if they are common or standardized?  Your child may be interested in creating a scale drawing of their own room to observe the outlet, light, and wiring circuitry design!

In small group stations, students worked together to find answers to many questions we had recorded last week.  How does electricity work? What materials are conductive and what materials act as an insulator? Who were some of the pioneers that worked with electricity, and how did they experiment to answer their own questions about electric?  How are circuits created?  Can I predict from a scale model drawing if a circuit is complete and will be productive in achieving specific results?  We will continue to work in these stations with hands-on activities at the beginning of our next session!  This is heavy lifting!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Mrs. Byrd

Photo of the Day