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Summer SAVY 2018: Session 5, Day 5 – Becoming a Botanist (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Friday, July 20, 2018 in Grade 1, SAVY.

It was a pleasure seeing all of our wonderful parents and other family members at the Open House today! The looks of excitement as your students’ faces as they told you about their week, was priceless. I will miss the students who will not be returning for our last session (hope to see you again though), but I am thrilled that I will get an opportunity to work with several of my students again next week for session 6, Playing With Words!

Today we learned about a way to grow plants without using soil, known as hydroponic gardening. Students were quite intrigued by the vertical planting layout of these plants. If you have time in the next few weeks, you might find this to be a fun research project for you and your child to do to see if you want to try to plant the hydroponic method. There are also kits you can buy at garden centers to plant tomatoes that are upside down and suspended. Your young botanist would be fascinated by this approach to planting!

Students enjoyed three rotations that included a microscope center, a book center with me to discuss a problem/solution to litter issues and how it can impact plant growth as well as harm animals (Just One Plastic Bag) and a center with Miss AJ where students looked at photographs of a variety of climates that plants could live in as long as they had certain types of adaptations they would need to survive, and then they created their own plant with adaptations to survive in a harsh climate.

Thank you for a fantastic week!


Ms. Tyson


Photos From Open House