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Summer SAVY 2018: Session 5, Day 2 – Intro to Programming (Rising 2nd)

Posted by on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 in Grade 2, SAVY.

Happy Tuesday, SAVY Parents!

Students began the day reflecting on our big question of the week: What tasks should humans delegate to machines and what tasks should only and uniquely be accomplished by humans? As a class, we discussed the numerous abilities of robots and debated whether or not we should harness technology’s fullest potential: Should robots do our homework? Why or why not? Should students and robots work together to do homework? What can robots do better than humans?

We introduced another class text, Cynthia Chin-Lee’s Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women who Changed the World. Did you know that women were some of the first computer programmers?

After learning the basics of how to debug codes, students continued to make great progress on their Angry Birds puzzles. When you run into a bug, remember to ask yourselves the following questions: what was supposed to happen? Where in my code did I make a mistake? How do I fix this mistake?

Students were then introduced to the concept of systems with the help of Davy, Mrs. Byrd’s pet frog! Systems are composed of boundaries, elements, inputs, outputs, and interactions, and they can be found everywhere!! Parents, see if you and your child can classify the parts of systems we encounter in our daily lives (computer systems, transportation systems, and the metric system to name a few)!

As we continued working with our Sphero robots, we discussed the difference between an algorithm and a program. Perhaps more importantly, however, we discussed the importance of communication. Working well together in a group setting is an invaluable skill, so it is important that we not only contribute our ideas on a project, but also listen to our peers’ contributions as well.

Looking forward to a wonderful Wednesday,

-Mrs. Byrd and Maya

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