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Summer SAVY 2018: Session 1, Day 4 – Dive into Design (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Thursday, June 14, 2018 in Grade 1, SAVY.

Hello parents.

Today we used yesterday’s investigation of measuring footsteps using non-standard measurement as a launching point to compare and contrast this form of measurement with standard units of measure. We accomplished this by conducting an evaluation of tools of measure to compare non-standard and standard measurements of three different pool model sizes that were created in the classroom. Students chose their preference of non-standard unit of measure to use (gapless footsteps, index cards, etc,), and standard units of measure to use based evaluation of the space to be measured (ruler, tape measure, yardstick). Mathematicians measured, and recorded their findings of the same swimming pool models as measured with non-standard and standard units of measure. We learned the concept of “around” as perimeter, and when we measured the hallway pools with standard units of measure, we drew a sketch of the pool and recorded the measurement of each side. Students then had to add all the sides up to get the total perimeter sum. I worked with students on how to create “friendly” numbers with the 2-digit numbers they added to get the perimeter. We also checked answers on my calculator. Try asking your student about the meaning behind “around the outside, all sides, and perimeter.” We talked about our findings, and made mathematical conclusions regarding the results. We also went back to an earlier question about why standards of measurement have changed over the years, and how these changes have impacted measurements today. We also discussed the implications of not measuring accurately. Ask your mathematician tonight would be: How does the history of measurement impact how we measure today? This would make a fantastic dinner discussion!

Today, students also completed the objects on their pool models, including fence and patio table today and their perseverance was noteworthy because creating the fence had a few challenges!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! The students will figure the perimeter and area of items on their pool model, and they will put on their finishing touches of their models including length, width, height, etc. of all items on their model. Students will also have an opportunity to add more items to their swimming pool models to further personalize them such as a slide, Jacuzzi, lifeguard stand, etc. Everything added on will also change the measurements, so beware!

We closed class by adding our new understandings to our concept measurement map. It sure is fabulous to see the growth in learning and students eager to share their learning!

Open House is between 9:00am-9:30 tomorrow. We are all looking forward to seeing you on Friday on Murray-3rd floor. This is your child’s time to shine as they show you all the wonderful things they learned at Summer SAVY this week!


Ms. Tyson

The class finalizing their pools and measuring dimension