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Summer SAVY 2018: Session 1, Day 2 – Dive into Design (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Grade 1, SAVY.

Hello Parents.

Today, we opened our morning by creating a Frayer’s chart to define what a model is, including, a class definition, what a model is, examples and non-examples. To do this, each student was given a picture of something and they had to decide if what they had was an example of a model and why, or a non-example of a model and why. This activity was very helpful in clearing up our misconceptions, including models can be drawings and pictures, not just physical manmade objects, such as toys. This type of graphic organizer really helped us to make sense of important concepts so that they can apply learning in new applications.

Next, students began working on their swimming pool models by identifying the deep end and the shallow end of the pool with measurements including depth, with corresponding visual depth representation. Students were excited to get hands-on measuring practice, with the challenge of deciding which measurement tool to choose based on the attributes of the object being measured. They also examined a ruler and discussed what the numbers mean in addition to learning what the zero point of measuring is and what the endpoint of a measurement is.

The next activity had students comparing and ordering objects. We began by ordering heights from tallest to smallest and then we compared and ordered our foot sizes after labeling and measure them. Students learned how to compare measurements by talking about differences and similarities between several objects. For example, Sue is taller than Jim, but she is shorter than Gale. This type of comparative thinking helps students predict measurements by using multiple comparisons of objects. After that, students traced their right foot on some construction paper and then measured the length of their foot. Next, students cut out their foot model and compared and ordered sizes with their peers.

Students then added more parts to their swimming pool models based on the day’s learning, including partitioning the pool into swimming lanes and deciding how to create equal lanes. Their pool models are looking so wonderful and students were so excited to know that they get to take their models home on Friday! Before we ended our morning, one of our students read a math book she brought into class to share and the other students really enjoyed that! Tomorrow, be looking forward to more measuring, and looking at how parts of a structure can be combined to make a whole. I can’t wait until tomorrow to continue all of this fun!


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Learning About Models


Swimming Pool Blueprints