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Spring SAVY 2018, Day 4- Ecological Expedition (1st/2nd)

Posted by on Monday, February 19, 2018 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

Happy Fourth Day!

As ecologists, the students revisited the debate “Should humans cut down trees?” by reading about reasons for and against deforestation (cutting down trees). They viewed the videos, “Food Chains” and “Abiotic and Biotic Factors” and afterwards examined how living things interact through food chains by analyzing the benefits of producers, consumers, and decomposers. They also discussed how consumers, decomposers, and producers support one another. They explained how living things (biotic) interact with nonliving things (abiotic). The students used abiotic and biotic cubes to discuss the various interactions that might take place within an ecosystem. As the students continued to add more cubes, it because more difficult for them to determine how these new changes would affect the interactions amongst abiotic and biotic factors.

The students were shown a piece of art by George Seurat to see how he uses interactions of color, techniques, and balance in his work. The students learned that Seurat was a famous 19th century French impressionist painter who is widely known for developing and popularizing the technique of pointillism. As scientists and artists, the students created their own pointillism using water color paints, Q-tips, and water.

Dr. P. 🙂