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Spring SAVY 2018, Day 4- Unpacking Adaptation (3rd/4th)

Posted by on Monday, February 19, 2018 in Grade 3, Grade 4, SAVY.


Wow, what a dreary rainy day we had to contend with! I imagine you felt a bit like the Pevensie children, cooped up and yearning for adventure! Perhaps that’s why is was best that our day’s focus was primarily on the text and on reading collectively the work of Mr. C.S. Lewis.

We covered a significant amount of ground, moving thru Lucy’s first adventure in Narnia, Edmund’s journey through the wardrobe, the introduction to the White Witch, and Edmund’s return home. We employed a new reading tactic courtesy of Miss Ellie, with students able to “popcorn” from one reader to the next. It was wonderful to hear your voices, and to experience your enthusiasm for this material!

We also read from two different adaptations of the novel. We draw comparisons and contrasts to the suzhjet of these two derivative pieces. It’s quite clear that the process of adaptation may yield wildly differing results from adaptor to adaptor!

And we continued our creative abstractions, designing visual representations of the characters of the piece. You created a four-paneled adjective-driven diagram of the Pevensie children. This is the kind of work that a theatrical designer would do; you have begun the collaborative process that would translate the text of a novel to a fully realized theatrical event!

I hope that you are enjoying your week. At our next session we’ll look at some additional adaptive versions of this work… and we may have a surprise or two, as well.